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Faculty Welfare

March 12, 1990: Volume 1, Number 9


 “Non-Economic Issues Resolved! Faculty Action Averted!” [by Mariann Regan]


It became clear by Friday evening March 9th that acceptable solutions had been reached on the two outstanding non-economic issues. We now have contract language for the preamble that both sides accept. We also have a workable alternative for payroll deduction through the Fairfield University Credit Union.


Efforts by many individuals during the week contributed to these resolutions. On Tuesday the administration finally allowed their attorney to speak to our faculty counsel on the telephone…. Late Thursday night, thanks to Alan Neigher’s continued search for creative solutions, and also with the help of some significant suggestions by Lucy Katz, our side arrived at a new proposal for the contract preamble, which could provide for our legal protection in language still acceptable to the administration….


Meanwhile, several others were pursuing a workable alternative for dues collection. Phil Lane and Ray Poincelot made inquiries through the Credit Union staff, who were quite cooperative…. The Credit union seemed definitely to be a feasible alternative for dues collection.


Congratulations and thanks are due to all those who worked on the scene or behind the scenes to help achieve these resolutions. The telephone tree was used this weekend to call off the pickets and spread the good news….