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Faculty Welfare
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Faculty Welfare

February 27, 1990: Volume 1, Number 7


“Emergency Meeting Called” [by Mariann Regan]


There will be an emergency meeting of the Faculty Welfare Committee this Friday, March 2nd, at 3:30 pm in the Nursing Auditorium. The Salary Committee will present a report following its Thursday negotiations with the administration team. The Action Committee will propose to the faculty the plans it has finalized over the last two weeks. The Communications Committee will give an update on plans for press relations.


Listen to your telephone tree.



“What are Informational Pickets?” [by Mariann Regan]


Informational pickets are representatives of an organization that wishes to call attention to social, economic, political, or educational issues that it holds to be important. These representatives stand politely at an entrance to a building, with tasteful badges or signs that express a point of view on one or more matters. These representatives might also distribute information in response to the questions of passers-by. Stay tuned.