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Faculty Welfare

February 12, 1990: Volume 1, Number 5


“Wary Faculty Puts Further Action on Temporary Hold After Good Negotiating Session” [by Mariann Regan]


The faculty will now wait to see the results of this week’s February 15th negotiating session before deciding whether to escalate, with further action, their demonstration of faculty resolve. This cautious optimism was the prevailing sense of the Faculty Welfare Committee meeting on February 9th, after the Chair of the Salary Committee, Ray Poincelot, reported a “high level of cooperation” from the administration team at the February 8th negotiating session. He stated further that there was “a great degree of movement” on the non-economic issues involving both the contract preamble and the grievance and arbitration provisions for dispute resolution. The parties have agreed to exchange documents prior to meetings, and both sides now seem reasonably close to a final agreement that can be reached in a fairly short time, with a little more work. Alan Neigher, who is providing us with constant advice in these matters, explained to the group the general scope of the legal issues yet to be resolved.


Faculty members still had several concerns. How soon will the Office of Human Resources issue a corrective memo, explaining in more detail both when and from whom faculty will receive the promised reimbursements for the changed Blue Cross medical yearly letter from the President’s office to the parents—will it be changed so as not to insinuate that any tuition increase is caused primarily by faculty raises? We hope these concerns can be addressed, quite soon.


The Salary Committee stressed again that it would be a mistake to proceed in negotiations to the money issues before the legal issues are settled. They reiterated that we have come this far because of faculty resolve and support: Keep wearing those FWC buttons.



“Enthusiastic Response Greets Presentation of AAUP Services by Mark Blum” [by Mariann Regan]


At the invitation of the Steering Committee, Mark Blum, Associate Secretary of the national AAUP, addressed the Faculty Welfare Committee at the meeting of February 9th. He explained what would be involved if the FWC were to become affiliated with the AAUP, as the Steering Committee has unanimously recommended….


Mark Blum praised the operation of our Faculty Welfare Committee. The group applauded when he called our recent progress a movement from “collective begging” to “collective bargaining”—that is, to a relationship of co-equality with the administration. He explained that we could maintain the strength of the FWC permanently by becoming the FWC/AAUP, a group with AAUP affiliation. This would simply mean that part of our fund would be used to pay AAUP dues for the membership, so that we would be officially entitled to those kinds of AAUP services that we have already been using this year. In addition to Dick Weber’s financial analyses and Mark Blum’s advice, the AAUP offers a wide range of services we have not yet sampled, including a professional benefits analysis and negotiations workshops for our salary team….


Is there any “catch” or “down side” to affiliation with the AAUP—would there be any restrictions?  Mark Blum’s response to this question drew appreciative laughter: We would be restricted to such basic AAUP principles as tenure, academic freedom, and high quality education…. The meeting was adjourned with applause, in a spirit of enthusiasm and with hope for our future.