Mariann Regan writes fiction, memoir, literary criticism, and other forms of prose. She is Professor of English Emerita at Fairfield University in Connecticut, where she has taught Renaissance literature, allegory and fantasy, women’s studies, and persuasive writing. She has a BA in mathematics from Duke and a PhD in English from Yale. She grew up in North Carolina.

Her novel Immortality News is a cheerful satire of the American health insurance industry and an inquiry into human nature. If our society could suddenly afford excellent health care for everyone, would we really choose to deliver it?

Into the Briar Patch is a memoir about the author's maternal family, who were farmers in South Carolina from the early 1800s through recent years. It explores the long-term effects of slaveholding upon white Southerners, and it questions the makeup of good and evil.

Love Words, a book of literary criticism, discusses early modern love poems by Medieval and Renaissance poets. The author offers a new poetics based on the fundamental psychological structure of the self.

Mariann Regan is currently writing Face Incorporated, an academic satire of a fictional university being swallowed by today's corpocracy. She is also working on a book of short stories, Gyroscopes.